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Feel free to substitute the seasonal sentences in one of the freebies for the basic sentences in this pack. The difference in their writing was write a super sentence download The product below includes sample sentences for the teacher to display, as well as printables for students and a sorting activity to practice identifying fragments, run-ons, and complete sentences.

Next, repeat the process and actively involve your students. I hope your students enjoy these lessons and Sentence Go Round as much as mine did, and that it results in them writing super sentences instead of boring ones!

The subject tells who or what the sentence is about, and the predicate is the action part of the sentence, or the part that tells what the subject is doing.

Ask one student to randomly select a sentence card and write it on the board. Sentence Go Round also includes activity directions and question cards to prompt students as they are creating their new sentences.

All of the student pages that are in color are also available in black and white. I began by teaching them the difference between fragments, run-ons, and complete sentences.

Teaching Kids to Write Super Sentences

If all students have individual dry erase boards or chalkboards, ask them to write down their revisions and show them to you. The hungry rabbit hopped into the garden because he wanted to eat a carrot. If you purchased this item before I revised it, you can download the revised version for free.

If you notice that some students are creating run-on sentences, ask everyone to pair with a partner before sharing with the class to make sure all sentences are complete sentences.

I used an example from the Fall Sentences to Expand freebie for this lesson, but you can also use one from any of the below. Step One — Mini-Lesson on Sentences, Fragments, and Run-ons Begin by explaining that complete sentences can be short or long, but they must have two basic parts, a subject and a predicate.

Before long, they were adding more detail to their sentences without creating run-ons in the process. Call on one student to come forward and display his or her revised sentence. To start the activity, you need a set of task cards with basic sentences that lack detail.

Then ask all students to think about a question they could ask and how they could revise the sentence to add one detail. Freebies Teaching Kids to Write Super Sentences How do you encourage your students to write longer, more interesting sentences? After I modeled the activity and they practiced it in a whole group setting, they played a game called Sentence Go Round in their cooperative learning teams.

A recording page is provided for students to write each basis sentence and the final expanded version. After struggling with this problem myself, I developed a three-step process to help my students turn boring sentences into super sentences.

Start by selecting a basic sentence from the one of the freebies above. The big brown fluffy rabbit in the garden. Rabbits love to eat carrots and one hopped into our garden and I thought it was cute even though it was eating the carrots.

Next display a series of phrases or sentences and ask your students to decide if each on is a fragment, a complete sentence, or a run-on.

Demonstrate how to make the change as shown below. Step Three — Cooperative Learning or Small Group Activity The first two steps are the perfect segue into Sentence Go Roundan activity for cooperative learning teams or small groups to practice expanding sentences.Aug 02,  · Your students can use these mats to learn how to write a “Super Sentence” with lots of juicy describing words, action words and positional ultimedescente.com: Kerri and Lindsay.

For more advanced reading students, give one sentence, but instruct them to write a short descriptive story rather than rewriting the sentence.

Extensions and Technology: Have students draw a picture of what they visualize in their mind after reading a descriptive SUPER SENTENCE. For grades to help students improve writing skills, to stretch the imagination and encourage them to write beyond the simple sentence.

Activities included will train early writers to use descriptive words, and to develop a four-step process: to brainstorm ideas, to create oral sentences, to write, to proofread.

Super Sentences! Year Long Writing Pack

Filled with exciting writing ideas, on 64 pages with bold graphics and fun 5/5(1). Easy to implement and requiring very little prep, this Super Sentences! Year Long Writing Pack includes everything you need to help your students learn how to write "Super Sentences" and become Super Hero Writers the whole year long-from August/September4/5().

Write the sentence on the board or show it to the class using a document camera. Explain that “She picked apples” is boring, but if we ask ourselves questions about it, we can add details that answer the question and make it more interesting.

you can download the revised version for free. and that it results in them writing super. of over 1, results for "super sentence" Evan-Moor Write a Super Sentence Workbook for GradesTeacher's Edition; Teaching Supplement for Sentence Writing Mar 15,

Write a super sentence download
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