University of manchester dissertation guidance

Are books and journal articles adequately referenced? This really is to support where, for instance, infringements are subsequently reported towards the College. Discuss the project with you and, in particular, to make sure that in general terms the project is feasible within the time available.

You should also see the guidance below on how to correctly reference and cite other works. Past experience also suggests that poor dissertations can often be the result of: References to publications in the text or footnotes, other than to newspapers, magazines, or popular periodicals, should be as follows: You can normally expect your supervisor to provide a critical reading and detailed feedback on at least one substantial portion e.

This information is also located in the Blackboard space for the dissertation. Be accessible at other appropriate times, for example by email or during office hours, subject to discretion. Fees For entry in the academic year beginning Septemberthe tuition fees are as follows: Depending on your programme, your dissertation counts for either 60 or 90 credits.

The programme culminates in the submission of an 80,word dissertation that makes an original contribution to historical knowledge.

A title page giving: The length of the dissertation may vary depending on your programme and on your dissertation topic.

University of manchester dissertation word count

Take some time to familiarise yourself with these rules before you get too far into your writing. The final version of the dissertation should be free of typing and spelling mistakes.

Dissertations could be soft bound but students can establish hard bound version for his or her own purposes when they prefer. Dedications, acknowledgements, listing of abbreviations and other alike.

However, it is a good idea to look through a few journal articles or suitable books and note the elements of good style. You should not list references separately in footnotes.

Note that a complete bibliography is important for a good dissertation and should not be ignored. The deadline for submitting your dissertation is 7 September by 4pm. You should also read the section on academic malpractice. If you have to cancel an appointment then you should endeavour to contact your supervisor in advance.

Similarly, it is you alone who must write the examined dissertation. However, a large number of spelling mistakes and errors in grammar may be cited by examiners as a reason for failing your dissertation. The revised document can be obtained at documents. Some questions that the examiners will be asking are: If the dissertation is mainly a survey, is it complete and up to date, and have you shown clearly, by summarising and comparing the literature in your own words, that you have mastered the subject?

Please note that whilst we do not have closing dates for programme applications, all funding competitions have a specified deadline for submitting the funding application form and a separate earlier deadline for submitting the online programme application form, both of which will be stated in the funding competition details below: All works referenced in the thesis must be included in the bibliography.

However, arrangements need to be fluid, as academic staff have many other things to do beside project supervision. This allows supervisors to comment on early drafts, which can lead to improvements. In many ways, therefore, the dissertation is just like any other examination that you undertake.

You should establish appropriate supervision arrangements with your supervisor at the start of the project. Examiners may tolerate, at their discretion, a small number of errors.

For example, does the text explain why the results are as they are? Maintain written records of the progress of work and discussions with your supervisor in order to facilitate the writing of a dissertation. Note also that if the passage that contains the citation is already in parenthesis, we normally omit the parenthesis around the year of the reference.

Assessment and feedback

This site must form a part of such copies made. You can scan hand-drawn pictures in as. Thesis Word Limits The University has a maximum word limit for research degree theses and you must ensure that your thesis does not exceed the relevant limit.

Alternatively, students could make open to others a redacted form of their dissertation which excludes the 3rd-party material. If you have any questions regarding these rules, you should seek advice from your supervisory team or the Doctoral College Office.

Your responsibilities are to:The writer of the dissertation (including any appendices and/or schedules for this dissertation) owns certain or related legal rights inside it (the) and s/he’s because of the College of Manchester certain legal rights to make use of such, including for administrative purposes.

Stefano Locatelli, a PhD research student in the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures at the University of Manchester presents his research as an 'elevator pitch'. Assessment and feedback The University has an Assessment Framework which sets out the principles, Guidance on reaching decisions from assessment, including procedures for final examination boards, anonymous handling of marks, mitigating circumstances and re-assessment/referral.

Manchester M13 9PL tel: The University of Manchester () Guidance to students on plagiarism and other forms of academic malpractice [online] Further help Disclaimer The information contained within these pages is intended as a general referencing guideline.

Please check with your supervisor to ensure that you are following the specific guidelines required by your. In a multi-volume dissertation the contents page in the first volume must show the complete contents of the dissertation, volume-by-volume, and each subsequent volume must have a contents page giving the contents of that volume.

Presentation of Theses Policy June Research Office Graduate Education Team MPhil degrees at The University of Manchester and applies to full- of the thesis. Further guidance on proofreading can be found in the University statement on proofreading.


University of manchester dissertation guidance
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