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This is a perfect example of the incapacity to deal with differences for the French society. Mathilde Darley focuses her researches on two different prospectives when dealing with trafficking: African women instead travel in groups: It can happen also that women of migration engage partnership with men, in order to achieve assistance, or simply to expand their circle.

A lot of differences run through women from different cultures, and this is the most important problem that France is facing. The status of refugee can be also very deceiving: A growing number of researches show how the prostitution among immigrant women is becoming more and more important.

The one from eastern countries migrates as single but Sociologia medica essay as a group, changing themselves once a month. Having few characteristics in common, such as the same dialect, the same origin, the same past, make easier being part of the group, but they are not sufficient.

Once women are back home, they are subjected to the gender hierarchy.

The focus has been switched to the articulation of gender, class and ethnicity. There is a connection between different spaces of migration. NGOs and state authorities. Sociologia medica essay worsening of the legislation about re-unification of the couple Sociologia medica essay more number of years needed to obtain the residence for examplehas been a major cause for divorce and separation, that are spreading widely in the immigrant marriages.

Among many countries there is the common idea that the feminisation of migration is a marginal phenomenon, nonetheless it does not apply to French case, where the problem is very well discussed and researches are widespread.

Rather than trying to immigrate and settle in the country they wanted to, migrants settle in mobility in order to improve, for as long as they can, the quality of their life at home. The ability to be mobile plays an essential part in the strategies that migrants adopt. In France these social differences are reversed, and the southern women benefit more advantages than the northern ones, who often undertake the prostitution way to not being humiliated.

The law denies family re-unification outside marriage, because there is an outdated concept of family whiten. For instance, Nasima Moujoud, among other scholars, have shown how North African prostitutes are related to class, and that this peculiarity influences the type of prostitution.

We cannot leave countries alone in this moment of crisis, we Sociologia medica essay face what is right for everyone, and try to save and include in our societies as many people as possible.

The first topic analyses that no matter their origins and their profiles, women are always seen as passive victims of the migration flow. The last topic will be the legal process in order to achieve integration for migrant women.

Many are the issues covered, but before analysing them a few considerations must be done: Only in recent years researches have shown how the problem is widely spreading, and how the policies are focused on containing it and solving it.

At the beginning of the 90s the migration flaws changed rapidly, becoming in a very short time extremely diversified. The status of married women is often related to the one of their husbands, upon that they depend in order to obtain legal status or citizenship. To make them women visible statistical evidence were provided, but what gave them even more visibility was the aggregation by themselves in organisations.

An emblematic case is the one where Chinese women are involved: With the changing of the surface this researches seem to be focused on women migrating alone. The literature of this period contributed a lot in creating a distorted image of the immigrant women: The gender order in migration is very clear, and it is hard to challenge.

An intersectional perspective has increasingly been adopted in research on migration experiences, representations, identities and collective mobilisations of migrants.

This increases the vulnerability of women when they are subjected to abuse. From what I have read and examined, I can see that this not only a problem concerning France, but all the Western European Countries are involved, and EU seems absent.

What is to point out is the both those prospectives show women as incapable of resistance. Christian Poiret in his researches warns against the danger of considering the causes of discrimination as individual characteristics. Around the middle 70s when the recruitment for labour stopped, women and children became an important point of the problem.

There are very few researches about women migration, and they are most of the time focused on the topic of marriage migration. Feminist researchers have for a long time been stressing that gender processes cannot be understood independently of class, race, immigrant status and so on, with which they intersect.

Prostitution in France is highly connected to gender, class and ethnicity.The latest Tweets from Sociología Divertida (@SociologiaDiver).

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Um escorço comparativo entre França e Brasil. A sociologia médica contemporânea nos Estados Unidos apresenta-se altamente diversificada em sua temática. fixando os momentos marcantes da trajetória do campo e das principais contribuições. Aldine. The state of medical sociology – a review essay.

illness. Oxford. In Merton RK et al. Nova York. Reader G & Goss ME and. essay about migration in france. Scegli la tua lingua I contenuti di Docsity sono pienamente accessibili da qualunque versione English Appunti Sociologia delle Migrazioni 5 giugno Essay, Appunti di Sociologia delle Migrazioni.

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