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Fascell that "Project Camelot" has been canceled on the day hearings are scheduled to begin The Office of the Secretary of Defense publicly ordered the Project camalot of Project Camelot on July 8, —the same day Congressional investigations began.

But Dan Burisch, being a microbiologist, answered about Project camalot former - stating that he felt there was scientific evidence that vaccines helped to reduce disease. There is much, much more, but I am writing this in the departure lounge of the same airport, and I have no more time as my flight is being called.

There are nearly people booked to attend the Zurich conference, from 28 different Project camalot. Dr Richard Sauder, researcher of underground and undsersea bases. John Waterman regarding the homeopathic remedy that replaces the need for vaccinations as well as delved into the overall intentional nature of the sudden outbreaks of the swine flu virus that we are seeing around the world as it relates to the agenda of the PTB powers-that-be: Military planners wanted an integrated team of social scientists to coordinate these different programs and enhance their effectiveness.

I consider, particularly under current conditions, this effort to be seriously detrimental to U. Everything will be presented on video in due course, including a Futuretalk with Bill, David, Dan and Marci, which was recorded privately on Thursday evening.


Other information includes a number of affidavits - in one of which [page 5] the recent former members of Majestic 12 are named: Click here for details. The letter described the project as follows: Tomorrow, talking with George Green, we may be a little smoother: Was this project approved by the Department?

We will be live, looking forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, stay tuned: I was not invited, I cannot attest to anything that is being talked about on stage in Zurich. Please contact the organizers for details of how to register at the last moment. But you may forgive the confusion!

Meanwhile, Kerry and I are working through the material recorded during our visit to Dr Peterson. Army is to perform effectively its part in the U. I will keep it in my safe with other irreplaceable documents. Ambassador to Chile Ralph Dungan, Telegram to State Department, June 14, [63] Official complaints from Chile prompted the State Department to deny its involvement, which further intensified the spotlight on role of the Army in organizing the research.

Click here to listen. More later in the next few days, and our thanks again to all who helped make this possible. Click here to pay by PayPal or contact the Swiss Groundcrew for bank transfer details. Although there is a resemblance -- it is not the same man.

Project Camelot

This information would be used for forecasting and social engineering, as well as active counterinsurgency. There are multiple indications as there were this time last year that we may have quite a challenging few months ahead of us all.

Yesterday Kerry sent me a rough cut of the first two hours in which I and David Wilcock engage Dr Peterson on a range of topics.

The Problem of Anticipation", By the federal government was the leading employer of psychologists, most of whom it coordinated through the Office of Scientific Research and Development.

Mea culpa, and I apologize. We hope the attempted broadcast was not too chaotic for listeners to endure: Following this there were some very passionate and interesting opinions expressed. I, Kerry Cassidy, am absolutely opposed to vaccinations of any kind.

We apologize to everyone who was concerned about our welfare, and thank you for your many messages. Murrow, I am sure, will agree with the general tenor of what I have to say, and you might consider my remarks as an extension of his general assertion in early testimony before this committee, that there is indeed a need for more and more better research to help in the guidance of our various and complex problems which make up the U.

In the cold war these operations are directed toward friendly and neutral as well as enemy countries. The audience question was about the latter.

Pass my love to them. It has never before been made public. We have heard them. Given our 24 June announcement below, the timing was wanted for hazardous journey.

low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. The Sleep of King Arthur in Avalon, Edward Coley Burne-Jones (Birmingham, – London, ) oil on canvas, x in. ( x cm). PROJECT CAMELOT. 53, likes · talking about this. Project Camelot's purpose is to provide a vehicle for researchers and 'whistleblowers' to get.

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Project camalot
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