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What do you see when you look in the mirror? Write an essay as though you were 80 years old, looking back at your life.

Describe what made it so special. What was the highlight of the trip? Why did you pick this name? Describe what friends do and how they behave with each other and with other people.

How to Learn From Others: Essays About the Writer: If you had a day all for yourself and could do whatever you wanted to, what would you do? If you could fly whenever you wanted to, what would you do? Write a page on the best vacation or trip that you ever had.

Provides supporting reasons for the belief you have clarified. Think of a personality trait that makes them so unpleasant. How could you make this difficult part of your life easier?

Where were you and where did you go? How would you change the world? How would it change your life? Would there be any special food or symbols for your holiday?

Pre-Intermediate - reading and writing

If you could give yourself a new name, what would it be? The Hardest Part of Being a Kid: How would it feel being a world record holder? What do you think are the most important issues in this election and why? Which animal frightens you the most? My Best Birthday Ever: If I Turned into an Animal: How would people treat you?

What is the most beautiful place that you have ever seen? What parts of your personality are like hers? General lesson plan In this lesson by Karen Richardson, students work collaboratively to produce a class newsletter.

Write about the best gift you ever gave. Think about something that annoys or bothers you. Why do you like it so much? Where did you see it? What I Like Best in School: Write why it worries you, how it affects your life, and how you might be able to solve this problem. The Expository Essay The purpose of an expository essay is to describe, explain, clarify, expand or explore a concept, an event, a thing or a process.

Write about why you would like to be this age and what you would do. Clarifying the belief may involve some or all of the following paraphrase—begins the process of clarification by reformulating the belief in other words exemplification—clarifies the belief by providing examples to illustrate it concretely analogy—clarifies the belief by likening it to some other more familiar belief contrast—clarifies the belief by a contrast with an opposing claim.

Describe the game and how it is played. Where standard formal essays require the conclusion up front, the contemplative essay demands a less conclusive, more tentative, opening statement leading to an exploration of the significance of that statement.

The process of writing a research essay requires you to find source material, then synthesize what you learn with your own ideas. My Best Vacation Ever:Good English writing skills often come from practice. Nobody is born to be a good writer. Therefore, English learner must practice writing English everyday if you want to improve your writing.

Sentence Building Pre-Intermediate Level; Sentence Building Intermediate Level; English Essay; Sponsored links. f Share. Tweet. Latest Tests. Our subscribers' grade-level estimate for this page: 3rd - 4th More Writing Activities: Essays to Write for Early Writers The following are printouts with writing prompts for short essays.

For early writers, these one-page printouts should have enough writing space for a very short essay. For more advanced writers, extra. Though a lot of reading and writing work will be done outside the class, here at pre-intermediate level, there are some.

ENGL takes a practical approach to the art of essay writing by having students apply the major principles of composition in five essay assignments. Students learn these principles in the abstract by studying a handbook on composition and in practice by studying samples of good writing and by applying the principles in their own work.

FREE Creative Writing Prompts Worksheets. Guess what? Here's something fresh for your lessons! How to Teach Your Students to Write an Essay; Short, Sweet and Sticky: Get Your Students Writing With These 6 Writing Activities; I used this lesson with middle school pre-intermediate and intermediate students.

The worksheet has three 5/5(4). Teach ESL essay writing for intermediate level students using this simple procedure.

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Worksheets on how to write an outline, introduction, and conclusion. ESL Essay Writing .

Pre intermediate level essay writer
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