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He has to rise above his own self to defend his nation. He has to sacrifice his family life, be away from his children, only to the save the life of other children.

We love the soldier as much as, if not more than as the scholar, the statesman and the poet. The Life of a Soldier A soldier is the pride of his nation. The brace deeds of our soldiers at Kargil have become part of over folk love.

He is the finest specimen of humanity who is prepared to given the supreme sacrifice of his life for the lives of his fellow countrymen.

A soldier is the watchdog of the nation and is ready to perform any duty with which he may be entrusted, even at the cost of his life. Lord Tennyson has summed the life of a soldier in his most memo0rable and immortal poem. He is a great benefactor of the country and her people.

His performance in the theatres of war has been heroic and daring. Farmer produces our foodstuff and the soldier protects us from both external and internal strifes.

We should always salute our soldiers. A soldier is the real friend of the nation.

We enjoy at our place doing our chorus and the soldier guards us from an aggression from outside forces. Shastri Ji rightly respected the contribution of the armed forces by giving the slogan to the nation. The life of soldier is very tough and full of discipline.

He has to be mentally and physically alert and keep his body in fine shape for any battles that may come up. His profession brings out the best qualities in him like chivalry, discipline, team sprite, loyalty and steadfastness.

The country goes on her developmental programme only when there is peace, and peace is brought by the sincere efforts of a soldier who guards our borders. How can we forget the great sacrifices of the solders in the Kargil conflict with Pakistan. His life is a source of inspiration to the youth of the nation.

He serves the nation to the best of his ability.Essay on “The Life of a Soldier” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Prakritik aapda essay help
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