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Teleki Uppsala University, Sweden Aerosols, nanoparticles, agglomeration, and functional material synthesis and applications C. No limitation is imposed on the size of the particles, which may range from nanometre scale, as in pigments or aerosols, to that of mined or quarried materials.

Powder Technology

Handling and processing operations such as slurry flow, fluidization, pneumatic conveying. Interactions between particles and their environment, including delivery of particulate products to the body.

Typical Ystral applications include: With Ystral installations throughout North America, Powder Technologies has met the powder-processing application needs of the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical and coatings industries, improving the manufacturing outcome of hundreds of products.

Characterisation of the size, shape, surface area, pore structure and strength of particles and agglomerates including the origins and effects of inter particle forces.

No limitation is imposed Formation and synthesis of particles by precipitation and other methods. We have a fully equipped and staffed test facility, as well as rental equipment for on-site evaluation. Submissions will usually be overseen according to the following breakdown of specialties: Packing, failure, flow and permeability of assemblies of particles.

Induction using a patented process Powder Wetting Agglomerate-free Dispersing All equipment is designed for ease of use and upholds the highest standards of safety and operator-friendly maintenance.

Powder Technologies can also assist with feasibility and engineering studies, process and plant design, installation, start-up, training, and maintenance and parts inventory.

Modification of particles by agglomeration, coating, comminution and attrition. Reduction of processing times and improved product quality for white lacquers Reduction of dissolving time for artificial resins Agglomerate-free starch induction, slow or fast swelling Reduction of additional treatment of carbon black for pigment coating Increase of brightness of for wood protection paint Induction of light fillers in polyol Elimination of processing steps in the production of foils, fibers, films, foams, detergents and gels Higher solid concentration for paper coatings Reduction in time for dissolving pectin, alginate, CMC, guar and xanthum gums Homogenous induction and dispersion of extremely high viscous liquids into low viscous liquids Dust-free treatment of hazardous materials to avoid human contact.

Particle-particle interactions and suspension rheology. Applications of particle technology in production of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods, pigments, structural, and functional materials and in environmental and energy related matters.

Wu University of Surrey, UK Particle characterization, particle mechanics, powder processing and handling, modeling and simulation A. Fan The Ohio State University, USA Fluidization, particulates and multiphase flows, particulates reaction engineering, modeling, measurements, and industrial processes and applications A.Powder Technology is an International Journal on the Science and Technology of Wet and Dry Particulate Systems.

Powder Technology publishes papers on. Powder Technologies meets powder processing requirements with world renowned Ystral and Gericke equipment for induction, sifting, mixing, size reduction.

Call Powdertech provides high quality state-of-the-art specialty powders for a variety of applications and for numerous industries around the world.

Powder Tech Plus Inc. is your one stop powder coating headquarters. From one off specialty pieces to full production runs we can handle it all. Powder Tech Services is a family owned Nashville business providing the best quality powder coating, media blasting & restoration services to our customers.

PowderTech PowderCoating is unparalleled in our detail to quality. We pride ourselves in making our customers happy and coming back again and again. () Bonded Metallic Powder Coatings, which offer unique advantages over conventional dry blended powder coatings.

The range covers one- and two-coat Silvers, Gold.

Powder tech
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