On killing a tree gieve patel

The watcher feels the pain of the tree as the bark gives off the sap which produces little trees that will sprout if nothing stops their growth. The tree has deep roots which draws its sap from the earth.

On Killing A Tree

In the opening lines, the poet makes a mockery of those who cut down trees. It gives rise to tiny twigs and miniature boughs. Patel takes it a step further to welcome the challenge, like there is no reason to doubt that any attack would be in vain. Now a simple jab of the knife cannot kill the tree.

On Killing a Tree

List the words suggestive of its life and activity. So it should be pulled out entirely from the earth cover.


So the tree is equipped with a power to heal itself. Then only the tree is killed. From close to the ground it will rise up again. The process of cutting trees for urbanization and industrialization has been going on for a long time across many countries.

The root has to be uprooted, and it has to be scorched and choked in sun and air. The survival of the tree,inspite of the efforts to kill it,is shown by the lines: When examining this in light of a human moral, this could note that a resilient person will find what they need to thrive, and though the exterior may be roughened by those qualities, the ability for survival can still linger.

It is not so easy to kill a human being.

Poetry Review: Gieve Patel’s On Killing a Tree

The secret of its strength is that it is hidden inside the earth for years together. He seems to be comparing it to the life of human beings.

On Killing A Tree - Poem by Gieve Patel

To him,the tree grows slowly consuming the earth firmly. OR How does a tree grow?Quick Answer. The speaker of "On Killing a Tree" by Gieve Patel explains the difficulty in killing a tree. He starts by saying that killing a tree takes time and won't be accomplished by a knife stab. Sep 26,  · Unique Education Center is the biggest centre.

Our aim is Online teaching. so that Everybody can get the opportunity of learning. Our Youtube channel -. Dec 14,  · On Killing A Tree (Gieve Patel): ultimedescente.com the substance of the poem “On Killing a Tree”.

Gieve Patel

Ans: “On Killing a Tree” is a sarcastic poem about man’s indiscriminate destruction of trees. “On Killing a Tree” written by Gieve Patel literally describes the difficulty of cutting down a tree.

On another level, the poet writes about nature and the sturdiness and longevity of the tree. Gieve Patel (born 18 August ) is an Indian poet, playwright, painter, as well as a practicing physician/doctor based in ultimedescente.com belongs to a group of writers who have subscribed themselves to the 'Green Movement' which is involved in an effort to protect the environment.

Watch video · Gieve Patel is an Indian poet, writer, painter and doctor by profession. He is also an environmentalist and his poem "On killing a tree" speaks about the cruelty of man towards environment. The process of cutting trees for urbanization and industrialization has been going on for a long time across many countries.

On killing a tree gieve patel
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