Objectives of mobilink

The project was piloted in when it enrolled a total of female learners of rural Punjab. Health Enable provision of proper medical attention, nursing, food, medicine, drugs and special appliances of a medical, surgical, Objectives of mobilink or other nature for physically or mentally handicapped individuals.

The partnership resulted in the school being able to provide computer based education to students as well as training its teachers in line with the latest technology curriculum. In addition to donating school supplies, Mobilink Torchbearers have contributed time and effort in renovating the school to provide a safe and child-friendly environment for students.

Children Painting Competition To encourage safety on roads, Mobilink Foundation partnered with the Islamabad Traffic Police to organize the annual painting competition for school children. We seek to promote education to the marginalized as education remains the only tool that ensures sustainable human development.

Pakistan has unfortunately witness multiple natural disasters over the past few years. Developmental plans needs to be aligned with unit and organizational priorities as well.

The program teachers also report a stark improvement in the confidence of the participants as owning a mobile phone made a difference to their sense of security. Combination of three factors allows people to perform at higher levels than others and that are: Our Objectives Education Establish, manage, maintain, own, administer, promote and subsidize educational institutions, computer literacy centers, schools, colleges, institutions for study and research Objectives of mobilink the field of telecommunications and related sciences; and other educational institutions with the permission of a competent authority but not to act as a degree awarding institute.

Two additional characteristics of behavior are: In its 4th Phase, in addition to the new enrolments, the project is also being used for capacity building of school teachers. To provide scholarships to students and grant aid including supply of books, stipends, medals, prizes, grants, awardsmedicines, educational career support, and other incentives for purposes of advancement of knowledge, education and literacy in the field of telecommunications and related sciences and to support ICT centric projects, but not to act as a degree awarding institute.

The program was designed using mobile phones to develop a mobile-based, distance post-literacy program where new literates would receive post-literacy materials as messages on their mobile handsets Not only has the program won international accolades, it has also become one of the most successful distance-learning programs in Pakistan, and has achieved more significance in context of being targeted specifically at female learners across the rural segments of Pakistan.

The Lab facility included provision of five latest computer systems, as well as an integrated communications facility to enable online lessons within the lab.

Contextual Performance Task Performance Task Performance is defined as activities that transform raw materials into the goods and services that are produced by the organization.

These forms are the instruments used to document and evaluate performance. The program is designed with the aim to improve the quality of teaching and curriculum at under-resourced educational institutions.

Individual initiatives not backed by an organization Projects that do not clearly belong to the main areas outlined as areas of support Project applications that reach Mobilink Foundation by way of Mobilink employees personally Organizations or institutions already receiving support from another part of Mobilink Contributions to political campaigns or projects or to organizations with high political exposure Projects requiring supplementary financing in order to achieve their goals.

Children Painting Competition Mobilink in concert with Islamabad Traffic Police organized a children painting competition, aimed at educating them about road safety. We aim to bring about progressive improvements to the living standards of the underprivileged by working with closely with local community.

The sessions, attended by over 30 torchbearers, was aimed towards providing mentors to the deserving students. Students can chose and learn from a vast collection of books including story books, activity books, fairy tales and general knowledge.

Mobilink Foundation ICT Labs Mobilink Foundation continues to work with various educational institutions across the country to improve the curriculum quality and its delivery. Moreover the program has noticeably reduced gender bias to mobile set ownership and the participants have reported a heightened sense of security as a result of having an access to means of communication.

Results Approach Gathering Performance Information An important component of performance assessment stage is the use of appraisal forms. This facility of the Mobile Library caters the needs of the students, mostly resident of squatter communities in and around Islamabad.

The partnership has resulted in the school being able to provide computer based education to more than enrolled students, as well as training its teachers using latest IT syllabus. In Septemberthe Foundation partnered with the Punjab Education Foundation PEF to set up its second computer lab facility for the year at a local secondary school in District Chakwal.Objectives of the Study: The key objective of this study is to examine the effectiveness of Training and Development at MOBILINK.

In the literature of employee training and development, human resource is the utmost source of the development of a business. Mobilink GSM (PMCL), a subsidiary of orascom telecom, is the market leader in providing state-of-the-art communications solutions in Pakistan. We can proudly boast of being the first cellular service provider in Pakistan to operate on a % digital GSM technology.

Mobilink project 1. Management Semester Project 2. Management Semester ProjectUNIVERSITY OF WAHQUAID AVENUE, ultimedescente.comment(Assignment)Presented to:Sir Umer ultimedescente.comted by:Tahzeeb Khan ultimedescente.coma ultimedescente.com ultimedescente.com (Hons.) Computer.

The sole objective of this brand report is to know about the brand potency of Mobilink in the Pakistani market in comparison to other competing service providers. The other objective is to put a spotlight on the different cellular companies operating in Pakistan and the perception of the users about them.

Aug 05,  · Mobilink Jazz Immediately its pattern to supply the purchasers a number of calls packages and presents. Identical to a number of different mobile corporations working in Pakistan, Mobilink Jazz can be providing numerous calls packages starting from each day, weekly to ultimedescente.com New Mobilink Jazz call packages – Hourly, Daily, /5.

At Mobilink, we take pride in practicing the highest ethical standards in an open and honest environment, and by honoring our commitments. We take personal responsibility for our actions, and treat everyone fairly, and with trust and respect.

Objectives of mobilink
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