Obama and lincoln compare

More importantly, Lincoln spent the better part of three decades deeply involved in party politics, working passionately for other candidates and causes even when not a candidate himself. He sympathized vigorously with the cause of democracy in other lands, in Hungary and South America and Greece.

Obama is the President and Commander-in-Chief of the dominant superpower in a world that has more than six billion human beings, many of whom depend to one extent or another on the nation Obama leads.

The parallels go on and on.

Lincoln, on the other hand, had become such a familiar fixture and fixer in American politics by the time he ran for president that his campaign took on a reassuring, well-worn aura: His brilliant and eloquent speeches have mesmerized hundreds of millions of listeners all over the globe.

It differs in one substantial way Obama and lincoln compare most of the many comparisons of Presidents Lincoln and Obama that have been put forth recently.

Lincoln and Obama -- My Comparison

As usual, meaningful "change" has proven to be an easy aspiration to promote, but a very difficult goal to achieve. Finally, Lincoln displayed admirable consistency in his approach to the issues of the day throughout his political and business career.

Senate campaign against a carpet-bagging embarrassment and fringe candidate Alan Keyes who took the Republican nomination after the formidable prior contender withdrew in a divorce-related sex scandal. Unfortunately, the comparisons are often distorting, as when both Liberals and Conservatives claim him as one of their own.

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The "change" into nationhood they believed, was too great to be plausible. Lincoln saw the world clearly. Obama, like Lincoln, has superb personal gifts: He returned briefly to the legislature inthen ran for the U. Both became lawyers and politicians in Illinois. Inhe traveled throughout the Midwest, stumping for William Henry Harrison for President and stood as a Harrison elector.

For that reason Lincoln urged that government be used aggressively to meet the needs the market economy failed to satisfy. In the first moments of his Inaugural Address, Lincoln dismissed the other issues facing him as creating "neither excitement nor anxiety.

Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt were all faced with multiple serious difficulties and reversals, especially in their early days. And so politicians of both parties regularly seek to claim the mantle of Lincoln in ways big and small. But there is no reason to be discouraged.

That was more than years ago. His success helped keep the American Dream alive. As the world knows, they eventually succeeded and by doing so, proved their greatness. Obama chose to devote himself principally to the non-profit world: Realizing that, how can we expect our new President to bring to life the contemporary relevance of the Lincoln legacy?

Inhe ardently backed Zachary Taylor for President and traveled more than a thousand miles including visits to Massachusetts and Maryland to campaign in his ultimately successful race. We have to add to this force whatever is needed to provide people in need with the realistic hope for opportunity and dignity that will quiet their rage and produce peace, here at home and across the globe.

He handled more than 5, cases, and became known as one of the top corporate attorneys in the state, if not the nation. In contrast, Barack Obama played no significant role in any political campaign until he became a candidate himself at age Lincoln is too complex, too profound, too valuable to be distorted the way he often is.

Characteristically, in describing government he went to the heart of the matter. He did participate in a successful voter registration drive inbut the only candidate who ever managed to inspire his personal commitment or dedication was himself.

Fair to Compare Obama and Lincoln?

Lincoln, taking a break from full-time politics inaggressively built up his reputation and personal wealth as a business lawyer, particularly for railroads. The backtracking, revisions and gauzy evasions characterizing the nineteen months of his presidential campaign look anything but Lincolnian in terms of predictability.

Never before has there been a nation with such tremendous influence on the entire planet, a planet infested with weapons of mass destruction possessed by dozens of nations, many of them hostile to one another, some already at war and others poised at the brink.

By contrast, Barack Obama waged his one U.I delivered this speech in President Obama's hometown of Chicago on Friday, February 13th, the day after the th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's.

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Watch video · Dinesh D'Souza to Compare Trump With Lincoln in Upcoming Film. AM PDT 6/11/ said the punishment did not fit the crime and they suggested the Obama administration went overboard.

Jan 18,  · Obama Inaugural Strains Lincoln Comparisons While Inviting Them. By Hans Nichols. Jan. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Barack Obama's inauguration is dedicated to the.

It is the season to compare Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln. Two thin men from rude beginnings, relatively new to Washington but wise to the world, bring the nation together to face a crisis. Both. Feb 21,  · Obama compares himself to Abraham Lincoln, but 44 and grammar do not agree.

His previous scribblings do not portend a magnificent memoir.

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Obama and lincoln compare
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