My personal thoughts on love

There is no point in digging it further and trying to settle scores. Before you know — there will be so many of them that you will feel that there is a hanger stuck to your mouth.

In order to ascend in the physical vessel at this time, you would My personal thoughts on love to almost complete the transformation of your physical body into frequencies of Divine Light, and raise the harmonics of your Soul Song to those of the highest planes of the Fifth Dimension and above.

As a people, you are not ready for unity consciousness. For some of the star seeds involved, as your personal frequencies rise, old implants from Atlantis are being activated within your bodies.

But truth is — this is a person who means the world to you and if you think they mean that much to you — they certainly are worth everything you got to keep it going.

Summer Love

When this clearing is done, hopefully, I will be able to rebuild the strength and vitality of this vehicle. It is about being involved at a deep emotional level with the one who is Mother while you wear an Earth human vehicle. There are also days of gratitude, joy, excitement, and admiration.

The entire energy field, you could say the Causal Body of Sirius now makes it impossible for anyone who is not of Sirian descent or lineage to stay there for more than a few hours. Once there are enough true and fully grounded masters, then the planetary consciousness will be prepared to undergo further expansion.

And only you can discover the best way to go about that process. Discover those who love you and walk beside you through each day, whether or not you are aware of their presence. Dropping down further to 3D is…painful at worst, uncomfortable at best.

Loving, Liking, and Letting Be: Personal Thoughts on Body Love

But nothing worthwhile in life was ever realized without overcoming that fear and the fear is a signal as to how much this person means to you. The human vehicles will be undergoing a transformation, as well, as the DNA is greatly affected and can be altered by the Cosmic Rays.

Apologies if that is too personal. These ascensions will happen if these aspirants manage to clear their emotional and mental bodies of all detritus garnered through many lifetimes on Earth. Is it supposed to be an ideal life with no challenges whatsoever.

This is a stage of human evolution, which occurs in a cyclical fashion except when halted by the manipulations of your erstwhile controllers. Be free and act as mentors of humanity by being living examples of internal peace, kindness, and humility.

It has been indicated to me, by one of my mentors, that I was able to release quite a bit of really ancient records last week. Well, we sure have a lot of definitions for this.

There are disappointments and frustrations and breakthroughs in communication. Specifically, it is about soul evolution, starting from the individual level and proceeding to the collective, in terms of what is currently undergoing on Earth.

It is the humble man who approaches the Divine. At the same time, the fear also means that freedom is the ultimate form of love and the more we love someone, the more we let them be who they are. Others, who also came in as wayshowers long ago, accompanying Yeshua and other spiritual teachers, are even now preparing to return Home at the end of this particular incarnation.

Recently, I was able to go to Sirius on a special visit to my Star Family there, actually descendants of mine from previous lifetimes in Sirius. Remember, the dark forces can exist up to and including 5D.

Right now, the movement has accelerated due to impending earth changes as well as changes in the geopolitical atmosphere of the planet.

Is it supposed to be a life on golden platter where nothing ever is going to bother you. But love is way more powerful than that. And I think it is fair that we look at love more as acceptance than as a hunt for endless qualities to complete a list of characteristics or personality traits which we may think work the best for us.May 20,  · My thoughts on Romantic Love: I define romantic love as the bonding of two individual of the opposite sex into an emotional, social, and potential sexual commitment to each other for an unspecified amount of time, depending on the success of the relationship.

What is your thought about love? Update Cancel. ad by Rossum. Extract structured knowledge from any document. From my personal experience this is all I have figured out about love.

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Love itself is an open bracketed word and a generalized opinion may not be acceptable as everyone's. As per my thoughts, Love is the essence of our life. I’m A Personal Trainer And Here Are 10 Things I Wish Every One Of My Clients Knew is cataloged .com It is what it is.

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my personal thoughts on love classical Rome myLot is an enormous discussion board. My Personal Thoughts By Jason Black BUSB July 25, it is my duty to make sure the love of God is displayed within my community. Why personal testimonies are important in sharing the gospel Sharing my personal testimony is very important to me, because I have seen my past in others right before my eyes.

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My personal thoughts on love
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