Linguistic gambits

How well will Finnish and French executives interact?

Perhaps it is better not to decide today, but leave it till tomorrow, or even later. The trend for the future is quite clear. He should also mention Linguistic gambits Belle France, as well as French history, culture and brilliance at every opportunity.

He may often lead by example, but as far as motivation and the issuing of directives are concerned, he will be heavily dependent on language.

Tauno is a good listener and hardly ever interrupts a colleague. This category also includes the Italians and other Mediterranean peoples. The verb coming at the end obliges the hearer to listen carefully to extract the Linguistic gambits meaning. And where does one draw the line?

If you fire M Dupont unconditionally during Item 2, you will be in desperate straits if he is the only staff member who can help you out in a vital matter which comes up in item 6.

The senior executive has a wonderful tool for demonstrating his own human force. A German friend of mine — a scientist — was disturbed when, on suggesting various hypothetical experiments to a Japanese co-worker, the Japanese brought him the results every Friday!

Other multi-actives, such as Italians and French people, may be familiar with such indirectness. They are ready to speak the truth even if that may involve distress and confrontation. Why has Finland won more Olympic medals per capita than any other nation? With this background in the arts and sciences, not to mention their tremendous and far-reaching exposure in world affairs, is it not justifiable for a French person to assume a certain intellectual superiority towards aboriginals or Indians from the depths of the Amazonian jungle and others who have led comparatively secluded and isolated lives?

Importance is attached to accuracy: A didactic management style is the result. They are, however, dialogue-orientated, this partly due to the French influence and, in the south, prolonged contact with the Americans.

He is human and considerate — he just sets great store by clarity of thought and vision and always has in mind the historical perspective. The French have a deep-rooted distrust of the Anglo-Saxon habit of segmenting issues and finalising solutions in sequence.

The French education system, from childhood, places a premium on articulateness and eloquence of expression.Cross-cultural analyses of current affairs and everyday events.

Linguistic gambits
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