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Already, the skewed sex ratio has resulted in the low availability of females the male population can get married to in pockets of Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan in India.

Other methods used were suffocation and starvation. Though it was outlawed, the practice did not end and continued to be practiced as not all pagans had been converted to Christianity. In India, females are born to kill. A phenomenal breakthrough was Introduction essay on infanticide by the General Electric GE company who have recently devised ultrasound machines that can be internally tweaked to suppress any information relating to the gender of the unborn foetus.

The problem currently under scrutiny outlines a scenario where a woman, driven by mental disturbances following parturition, repeatedly smothers her baby leading eventually to its death. In the Renaissance period, a stronger position against it was taken after the political unrest and increased poverty led to the rise in infanticides.

In the historic times, the infanticide was determined by supply as well as the demand forces of the population. People of India think that female can only sit home and look after the kids and provide with meal to the whole family.

From a Christian perspective, I would say infanticide is evil and that no one has the right to kill. Although the state has taken steps [c] to abolish the dowry system, the practice persists,and for poorer families in rural regions female infanticide and gender selective abortion is attributed to the fear of being unable to raise a suitable dowry and then being socially ostracized.

It was determined by the attitudes of death inevitability. They also dominate the girls. Argument essay about online education community health services essay. And sadly this evil still exists over the centuries. Essay on Problems Faced By Women In India, History, Causes, Effects Effects of Female Foeticide, Infanticide The most profound effect of female foeticide lies in the fact that sustained female fetus abortion leads to a highly unstable sex ratio, which is the ratio of males to females.

However, in societies which did very less and progressed the least in terms of gender awareness, female foeticide continued beyond medieval era into the modern age. The right of women for abortion is not equivalent to either of the phenomenon as in it the status of women is much higher on account of the fact that a woman then has the right to abort a child based on her own decision and not because the fetus is a female one.

The effects of female foeticide are one that is not visible in the short term. This information will also help you with paragraph writing too.

This also partially explains the reason behind a lower sex ratio in urban areas compared to rural areas as in the former, there is a greater occurrence of such illegal ultrasound centers. Infanticide is not just the killing of the infants as sometimes it involves selective killing of the female infants.


The female infanticide act under British helped to curb such tendencies to some extent. The reason behind such trend would be the biological urge for procreation with low availability of women who are natural sustainer for procreation.

Some of them are the following: Map and directions are available here. They are sent to school only for few years and then they are told to sit home. In the Judeo Christian, it was the will of God for all humans to stay alive as no one knows whether that infant is killing will become their future king.

According to the information collected by Palatre, the practice was more widely spread in the southeastern provinces and in the Lower Yangzi River region. India as a country is steeped in patriarchal values and thereby continues to talk about the importance of raising a male child.

This is closely followed by Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Female infanticide in China Matteo Ricci China has a history of female infanticide spanning 2, years.Female infanticide is the deliberate killing of newborn female children. In countries with a history of female infanticide, the modern practice of sex-selective abortion is often discussed as a closely related issue.

Female infanticide is a major cause of concern in several nations such as China, India and Pakistan. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Introduction To Female Foeticide. Here are some useful tips for writing the essay on female foeticide and female infanticide.

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Any essay is made of a specific structure. The essay starts with the introduction of the topic, followed by the information body paragraph and. Female Foeticide Infanticide Essay Causes Impact & Prevenstion, Speech, Quotes, Slogan Essay On Female Foeticide Infanticide Introduction Female foeticide is a process of killing a female foetus in the womb.

It happens in many parts of the world. Though some of the countries don’t allow sex determination before birth but some of the. Free infanticide papers, essays, and research papers.

My Account. Your search returned This essay will go into some individual stories of the chinese governments unfair social injustices towards its people. [tags: government, infanticide, labor] - Introduction In India, past and present, the status and freedom that are held by.

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Introduction to Taxation Essay; A Case Study on Female Infanticide and.

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