Impact of the telephone essay

Business deals over telephone: As soon as information about a fire accident reaches this office through telephone, the fire brigade runs to the accident spot and checks fire.

The police have telephones in their offices and houses.

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Just like everything, mobile phones have both positive and negative effects. They can be seen playing games, chatting, and talking to their friends on their mobile phones most of the times. If there is a telephone in the school, students can talk to the Principal or teachers to get any information.

You need to charge the battery of your mobile phone almost everyday to keep it running. By the corporations doing well and expanding, it is clear to see the way factories multiplied within the society. Railway booking, calling a taxi from the stand-all can be done on the telephone.

A business person can make business deals on telephone. The mechanical device of telephone is very simple. This facility has been extended to the villages. The telephone brought in great impacts on both the homes and the offices.

You will need a smart phone and internet connection for this. That the family members are staying together at one peace. The telephone services were quite costly in that period and then most people were being paid quite lowly.

For a doctor, it is very useful to attend on his patients without losing time. A smart phone is a mobile phone that has enhances features comparable with those of a computer. One of the biggest advantage of telephone can be seen in the field of marketing. A person can talk and communicate with another person at distant place with the use of a telephone.

Several researches conducted by the health experts have proved the bad impact of mobile phones on health. Computerisation of telephone has simplified the system a lot. Monopoly in business can be checked. A fixed telephone also land-line telephone, corded telephone. Indispensable part of life: You might have faced any emergency situation in which mobile phone helped you, have you?

However, data charges may apply in case of internet calls. The receiver receives the voice of the speaker. Smartphones with internet connections enable users to browse websites, play videos and send emails.

You can also make calls over internet and avoid the calling charges. The entire sale and purchase can be done on the telephone.

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Disadvantages The disadvantages of telephone are given below: The telephone is very useful. Excessive use of telephone may cause headache and negatively affect the health.

The mobile phones getting launched nowadays, come with super impressive features related to entertainment. It is the quickest means of conveying messages from one place to another.The telephone was the most important invention of the 's. the telephone was invented in the 's by Alexander Graham bell.

By inventing the telephone Alexander changed the way people live. Inat the age of 29, Alexander Graham Bell invented his telephone/5(3).

The Negative Effects Of Cell Phone Usage English Language Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Face to face communication was the only way to talk before the telephone, but now face to face communication has been lost.

Most people do not care about grammar, but if you are in an English class, texting can significantly affect your. These are the effects that smart phones have on conclusion: as good as smart phones are the negative effects are out weighing the positives.

It is hard to say whether the invention of the telephone was a good thing or a bad thing for our society.

Telephone: Meaning, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages, Conclusion

Free Essay: Impact of Telephone on Society Many inventions revolutionized society and one example is the telephone, which was introduced to society in The Impact Of The Industrial Revolution Sociology Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The telephone and telegraph were invented and were the principal communicational strategies that were for community use.

The effects of the industrial revolution are therefore immense and long-lasting which have shaped our modern. Read this essay (article) to find out. Negative and positive impact of cell phones. Positive And Negative Effects Of Mobile Phones.

News. Mobile phone has become necessity of every human being. One can’t imagine the life without it. Negative Effects of Mobile Phones. Bad Impact on Studies. The students are just addicted to mobile.

Impact of the telephone essay
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