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As Michele and his sister Im not scared michele off, she asks him where her glasses are, and he goes back to fetch them.

The story is also about the journey and loss of innocence of a young boy. It is made clear early on in the book that Michele will survive, but his passage from innocence to experience is of the most traumatic kind, purchased at a price which the terse final words bring home with unflinching honesty and pity.

At one point Michele overhears one of the other children singing words that any Italian would instantly recognise as those of "Bella Ciao", the famous song of the wartime anti-fascist partisans and virtual secular hymn of the Italian left. One day, Michele goes to buy bread, to feed the boy.

His parents have contrasting reactions to his being apprehended. Michele promises to obey his father. Startled, Michele is suddenly staring down at a zombie-like young boy stumbling out of the darkness and into view.

For the moment, though, Michele lives, like all nine-year-olds, in an eternal present, and Ammaniti renders this in totally convincing detail and without the slightest hint of either stereotypical condescension or Twainian cuteness. According to Salvatores, the film is not primarily about kidnapping of the time but the mystery revolving around a kidnapping.

Release[ edit ] Two days after Io non ho paura appeared at the Berlin Film Festival in Februarythirty-two countries had purchased the film.

As the narrator Michele puts it: Michele finds that the boy is actually alive, although he is very weak.

No cars ever went by.

Don't go into the farmhouse

The revelation of the terrible secret underlying the events of the book will destroy the community in which he grew up, just as Aqua Traverse itself will be swallowed up by the ever-encroaching suburbs of a nearby town.

He screams louder and louder, making Michele climb back up the rope quickly and return home. The next night, Michele overhears the adults discussing who will kill Filippo, and Michele sets out immediately to find Filippo — who is now in a "cave" — and save him.

Since its publication inthe novel sold nearlycopies and was published in over twenty languages. He overhears his parents and their friends talking about keeping the boy hidden. The world in which Michele lives is by turns harsh, boring, brutal and incomprehensible. Michele climbs down to collect the bread back from the boy.

Indeed, the adults in this isolated community all seem to be unusually preoccupied and tense.

The next day while playing with friends Michele thinks about the boy and later he decides to visit the zombie-like boy again. Terrified, Michele hurries home once more, but then his bicycle chain breaks and he is thrown off his bike. He continues visiting Filippo Mattia di Pierro and one day he lets him out for some hours of play in the wheat fields together, and then he returns him back to the hole.

There he makes a mysterious and terrifying discovery that he instinctively decides to keep to himself. There are many views of fields and hills of wheat, this endless land being the backyard for the children of Acqua Traverse and the setting to their childhood adventures.

The primary set was in the countryside near Melfi. The film ends with a repentant Pino clutching his son and Michele reaching out to Filippo.

Plot[ edit ] The action of the film takes place inin a fictional town called Acqua Traverse in Southern Italyduring the hottest summer of the century and the infamous Years of Lead. The next morning, he discovers his parents are hosting late-night meetings with the parents of his playmates and one domineering visitor "from the North" who now sleeps in his room.

The film used a strong primary color scheme to portray the way children see the world, focusing on specific objects of interest with a close-up. At the time, it was alarmingly common to kidnap people from the North and transport them to the South, where they would be hidden and sometimes killed unless the ransom was paid.

His account of the squabbles, contests, loyalties, betrayals, fallings-out and makings-up between the children is a deft masterpiece with never a false note. They are the last of the group to arrive at the farmhouse, which means that she and Michele must pay a forfeit.

He opens it and sees part of a bare human leg; horrified, due to the limited time he had to investigate the situation, he decides to keep this a secret from the others. As his punishment Michele walks the length of a beam, high up in a rickety old barn-like building at the deserted farmhouse, and after that the group is seen going home.

Michele is essentially a neo-pantheistic pagan, and the grown-ups he has to deal with are integrated non-judgmentally into that worldview alongside fantasy monsters and the allegedly killer pigs kept by a neighbouring farmer. The long, stuffy nights are punctuated by loud quarrels among the grown-ups downstairs.

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Giuseppe Cristiano, who played the main character, had never appeared in a film before.Gabriele Salvatores' kidnapping drama lo Non Ho Paura (I'm Not Scared) is about a boy dealing with issues he cannot quite comprehend. While playing outside one day, nine-year-old Michele (Giuseppe 90%.

Michele Thesis I’m Not Scared is the story of a young boy, Michele, who finds another boy, Filippo in a hole in the ground. Michele later finds out the Filippo was abducted from Milan and was being held for ransom, and all the adults in the town were involved.

Michele's compassion is his most prominent characteristic that makes him appealing to the reader. Throughout the novel, he exhibits empathy well beyond his years, often making readers forget that he is just nine.

Im Not Scared by Niccolò Ammaniti Essay - “I’m not scared explores the notion that only the strong will thrive.” Discuss.

I'm Not Scared

Mar 14,  · Michele is thirteen year old, shy, unpopular at school, and in love with Stella. After wearing a costume for a Halloween party, he finds out that he's invisible. I'm Not Scared See more» Filming Locations: Apulia, Italy See more» Edit Box Office.

Opening Weekend: /10(K). I'm Not Scared Quotes. Want to Read saving Michele. I mostri non esistono. I fantasmi, i lupi mannari, le streghe sono fesserie inventate per mettere paura ai creduloni come te.

Devi avere paura degli uomini, non dei mostri.” ― Niccolò Ammaniti, I'm Not Scared. The novel, I’m Not Scared, by Niccolo Ammaniti takes you on a memorable journey with Michele Amitrano, a nine year old boy, who learns valuable lessons on how trust and loyalty gives you more than greed and money-oriented acts.

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