If you had 3 wishes what would they be essay help

Whatever I wish, I should try to make the wishes come true. I have an uncle who is very wealthy and treats everybody else in our family like we are dirt under his feet. Like most humans on the earth, we all would like to never have money problems. What else can I wish? This should be a woman who would stand by my side in good and bad times, a woman who would be willing to share my achievements and failures.

If this world were peaceful, many problems would be solved and all good aspects in the world would develop.

I think I might wish for better understanding between people of various religions.

If You Had Three Wishes What Would They Be?

I am sure that everyone would be happy. I hope nothing like this every happens to me, but that is the risk I take. We do not realize that wishes also come with negative outcomes. You can order a custom essay on My Three Wishes now!

There is an old saying "Be careful what you wish for. This essay was written about more than 1 year ago. Such occasions can be making a wish when blowing the birthday candles, seeing a shooting star at night, or being the last one to drink from the wine bottle.

In this paper I talked about the three things that I would wish for and they were: For me personally, there are many types of wishes I might make. Having completed my list I realized that in my case my wishes may come true with the determination and motivation I possess.

If I were going to wish for something for myself, I would wish to be able to control my weight more easily. It is also the center of many ski resorts, and it has the best snow on earth.

I realise that many bad things which happened in my life make me stronger, wiser, and more patient. I would ask great wisdom because I think that I can get many other things by having it.

Currently I am studying at the community college, though I am planning to transfer to a four-year college the coming fall. I could also slide on a fourty-degree ice face and die or I could also have a friend be hurt or die because I was being careless.

If you are going to apply to a university, you will surely need to use your own wishes. In realty, many cultures have a tradition to make wishes in various circumstances and expect them to come true.

For instance an avalanche could wipe out the town or the condo could burn down. After a deep thought searching for the third wish, I realise that my life is actually perfect. Furthermore, if I had wisdom, I would consider myself, others, the world, and God. Certainly, I am not sure they will come true, though what I am sure about is that I will do everything for them to.

Thus, my third wish is to find a wonderful woman with whom I will be able to share my plans and abolitions. He is one of my role models, and even though his hair is different, he has a big heart. An example of a no name skiers becoming one of the best ever.

I do not want to get anything instantly because it will not make any sense. Fifteen years is enough for me that everything in this life happens on purpose. Some people may say that I am nuts but that would be enough to make me happy.

I nonetheless need more than thirty minutes to choose the third one.

Essay on My Three Wishes

Many bad things could occur with this wish also.THREE WISHES ESSAY What a gift it the chance to be granted three wishes would be!

The possibilities seem endless. It would be difficult to focus on wishes that truly had significance for it is natural to. If you are going to apply to a university, you will surely need to use your own wishes. The university is trying to get a feeling about who you are as a person. Only you can give answers that will.

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Answers to the question "If you had three wishes, what would they be?" are as varied as the people being asked. The most common wishes include happiness, health, money and success. Other common wishes include self-improvement and helping others. A survey conducted at North Carolina Children's.

I had the power to make all three wishes come true on my own. I stopped looking for the lamp. There’s a genie inside of you waiting to hear your three wishes; in fact, he may already be granting your wishes even if you don’t realize you’re making them. If I were to have the option of having three wishes granted, I would have to stop and consider would I wish happiness for myself or happiness for others.

I believe that I would wish for myself, being the selfish person that I can be sometimes.

If you had 3 wishes what would they be essay help
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