Hnd unit 4 marketing principles assignment

Starbucks makes use of the blue printing technologies like flow charts and presentations through diagram in order to improve the planning and processes deployed in the organization Britten, There are so many type of framework which can be used to analyse the situation.

Internet Marketing and Unit This would help Starbucks in order to maintain competitive advantage in highly competitive marketplace. Price of the products of Starbucks is very high as compared to the products offered by its competitors such as Costa Coffee and McDonalds 2.

The position activities are related to improving the image of the customer in the mind of the consumer and the after sale experience which the consumer will have after using the product.

Starbucks can also think of concept of franchise and partnership to sell its products in the target country.

Advertising and Promotion in Business, Unit For the chosen strategy discuss how the buyer behaviour affects marketing activities in different buying situations.

The company has range of products for men right from cloths to footwear. For the segments you have discussed above clearly explain the marketing mix with including the promotion element. Starbucks make their international foray in UK with buying out Seattle coffee company and impacted consumers through capital and influence of this company.

Competition between two stores of the company is another area of concern 3. Task-1 Start your report by explaining the various elements of marketing process based on the Starbucks Marketing is nothing but a managerial and social process where in Organizations attempts to develop a strong relationship with customers by offering valuable services to customers in order to earn value from them.

Political and legal factors: The company Ben Sharman is a global company and has to work with various type of economic condition. The company needs to understand the consumers who are most appropriate and will closely identify with the product offer by the consumer Emery, The company will have to take the general choices of people into consideration.

Users of these sites are majorly youth which are potential target customers of Starbucks. Suppliers Starbucks get its best quality coffee beans from the farmers and they are the major supplier of Starbucks MacDonald, There are several options in clothing as well like range of T-shirts, formal shirts and suits.

Therefore it becomes important that Organizational objectives should be defined properly. The initial point requires effective policies and objective based marketing Kobe et al, Pricing strategy requires lots of research.

The first product will be positioned by communicating some health benefits.

Unit 4 Marketing Principles Assignment

Explain the marketing process. And when we promote the product to the wholesaler it is called push strategy. The image of the company is very important because the perceived image of the company help in attracting more customers also. Raw material cost will also be included in the cost for Starbucks Benefits Increased profit, revenue and market share.

The Federation of Small Businesses provides information, support and guidance about small businesses in the UK.

Adding new products into its offerings to increase revenue. Analyzing the situation faced by Starbucks at present: The company come in touch with various type of behaviour and main important out of which is consumer behaviour and commerce, competition in the market and the position of the government in the market and the role which government play which influences the business activities of the company and its position in the market in long run.

Developing unique marketing strategy for the organization: Also, since the target group is small in comparison to the bigger target group of people, the company will have to put extra efforts in understanding the taste of people and general behaviour of the consumer who will be interested in buying tailored suits.

Some of the additional privileges offers by Starbucks include free Wi-Fi, music, trained employees, art work, comfortable chair and right combination of lighting. Starbucks has been spending around 1.

The tailored suit for men are manufactured specifically for the people who like to wear exactly their size, high executive or people at high post in society. Employer engagement and vocational contexts Centres should develop links with local businesses.

On the basis of macro environment the company needs to formulate the long term strategies of the business. The product should be promoted keeping integrated marketing in the mind.Unit 4 Marketing Principles Assignment Introduction Marketing department is a backbone of a business and the company growth is only possible through effective marketing (Lee &.

HND Business: Marketing Principles Unit 4. Below is a table showing you how parts of Learnmarketing may help you achieve the Pass criteria for the BTEC HND in Business Marketing Principles Unit 4. Marketing Principles Table of Contents Introduction 1 Assignment 1 1 LO show macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions 1 Assignment 2 3 LO explain the various elements of the marketing process 3 LO evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for a selected organization 3 LO.

HND Business 4-Marketing Principles By: Contents Introduction 3 Task 4 Task 4 Task 5 Task 6 Task 7 Conclusion 8 References 9 Introduction This discusses the details of marketing principles and this assignment has considered Coca cola, a company which is in the soft drinks industry as the base.

UNIT 4: MARKETING PRINCIPLES Unit 4: Unit code: QCF level: Credit value: Marketing Principles F// 4 15 credits • Aim This unit aims to provide learners with understanding and skills relating to the fundamental concepts and principles that underpin the marketing process.

Unit 4 Marketing principle Starbucks case Present paper would deploy these marketing principles in order to help Starbucks to evolve with exclusive marketing planning process.

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Hnd unit 4 marketing principles assignment
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