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Antithesis of Light fails in a couple of really important ways, the kind you generally think would have been noticed before the band decided to head into a recording studio with this album.

Antithesis of Light

The sound in general is very, very layered: The guitars typically play really simplistic droning chords on the lower strings, with occasional higher shrieks of lead guitars or soloing permeating the firmaments of the music.

Aside from a couple of really oddly-placed blast beats early on in "In Solitary Ruin", the music plods around at typical funeral doom paces, varying from slow-to-mid-paced, almost upbeat momentous sections to slow, minimalistic crawling.

Considering how often Evoken shift from heavy guitars to slow, quiet bass passages, the carelessness of their compositions tends to border on disaster.

I really do love the bass guitar performance here, and the times when the guitars fade out of the music and let the twanging, isolated melodies dominate the music are probably those that come closest to capturing the idea of an "antithesis of light".

The band have no idea how to switch between two different riffs, particularly those with different tempos. The pain and emotion of the funeral doom aspects are only intensified by the brutality of the incorporated death metal ingredients, making for frightening in a good way results.

In terms of atmosphere, this album is unmatched. The land is desolate, and the trees are frail and leafless.

A rusted copper fence encircles a lifeless, decaying garden, and crumbling statues are covered with blackened moss. The songs are very consistent with enough variations thrown in as to not make them sound similar.

Throughout the whole 70 minutes the music never lets up its force or its power. To which I say And when it chooses to come out, it is so beautiful that for a minute it might give you the illusion of hope, like a line of gray light piercing the dark cave where you are trapped.

Overall, this album is a very impressive effort.

Antithesis Of Light

The place is Doom Metal Eden. The guitar riffs, for one. The sky is pale and gray. Also published at http:Antithesis Of Light Lyrics: Eternity has no bottom / It is the breath of a dying sun / Exhaling its icy last gasp / Above the pillars of the dark corruption / Hanging low in Evoken antithesis of vast nothingness.

The cover art is taken from painting by late Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński. Recording information: Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Hermit Hole, Kendall Park, NJ, from March to November Find a Evoken - Antithesis Of Light first pressing or reissue.

Complete your Evoken collection. Shop Vinyl and CDs/5(34). Much like their music, New Jersey's Evoken tend to operate very, very s-l-o-w-l-y in between albums, and it took them all of four years to concoct and perfect the astonishingly heavy funeral doom dirges heard on 's Antithesis of ultimedescente.com will agree it was totally worth the wait, however, as this plus-minute disc filled with relentlessly 9/ If you were to ask a doom fan where the best funeral doom originates from, chances are that you’re not likely to hear the US, and rightfully so.

New Jersey’s Evoken seek to change this fact with their latest release, Antithesis of Light. Fortunately, Evoken’s magnum opus is one of the few albums that manage to be heavy-as-fuck and slow-as-fuck without showing any of the bad death/doom symptoms. In terms of lyrics, “Antithesis of Light” is an album that is more existentialist/nihilist than most (even in funeral doom standards).

Evoken antithesis of
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