Dreams physical and metaphysical aspect essay

Gamma - Sleeping state: The first is sexual dreams, and the second is repetitive dreams. What you did, what choices you made and how they have impacted your spiritual lessons, knowledge and relationships. These memories have become an integral part of every culture on this planet.

I have dreamed of drowning in water several times. And the dreams after REM are a review of your day to come. Lastly, he concludes the call in which he could not get through was symbolizing a communication breakdown, and he quickly establishes the connection by realizing he has not been communicating very well with his wife and their relationship is suffering.

I woke up in a cold sweat recently. According to the Journal of Medicine, "The first REM sleep period usually occurs about 70 to 90 minutes after we fall asleep.

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Unlike man, they do not possess the necessary physical form for reasoning to be active. In our dreams water represents conscious life experiences.

To break this habit of reacting to dream messages, endeavor to remember your dreams. This light sleep is characterized by tossing and turning throughout the night, leaving the sleeper physically tired and mentally irritable the next day. The additional three animals cited above are a horse, a fish, and a bird, representing respectively the will, spiritual knowledge, and subconscious thoughts.

Why do dreams need to be interpreted? What causes a nightmare?

Metaphysics Essays (Examples)

The Egyptians and Greeks believed dreams were messages from God. Now that I have set the scientific foundation for dreaming, I will discuss the actual nature of dreams. Or they may represent the different aspects of your personality, or psyche. It recreates the images created by your waking, conscious mind so you can enjoy the experiences you desire.

It is similar to repeating the same grade in school until the information presented is used and learning is accelerated. However, when the conscious mind is still during sleep, communications from the subconscious mind can be received.

Windows to Our Subconscious Mind

Through dreams, our emotional, physical and social dilemmas may be much more clearly understood and conquered. Your dreams can and do allow you to exist in the inner universes of subconscious mind. Where you can take conscious control of your dreams and direct them to your desired outcome.

Metaphysical Essays

Babies in a dream will represent new ideas or new ways of life.Types of Dreams From the metaphysical perspective, you have varying types of visions and dreams during these phases of sleep. Before you reach REM sleep, your visions or light dreams are a review of your day just past.

Dream Interpretation. ~ People People often say "I had a dream about you last night". Understanding Dreams Dreams are stating the present condition (psychological, physical and metaphysical) of the dreamer, at the time of a particular dream.

The total condition of the dreamer is being played out within the dream and the images and motifs are a reference to those particular conditions. The metaphysical aspect within the. Dreams have both a metaphysical and physical existence.

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The metaphysical aspect is the imagery in a dream and its relation to the subconscious. The physical aspect is the chemical reactions that occur within the brain during dreaming/5(3).

My-Dr-Sy The Power of Dreams - Personal and spiritual growth using dream therapy/Jungian psyche. The metaphysical aspect is the imagery in a dream and its relation to the subconscious. The physical aspect is the chemical reactions that occur within the brain during dreams.

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Dreams physical and metaphysical aspect essay
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