Determination of ka for a weak

Labyrinthine March 26, at Oryx March 26, at I find I am struggling more and more with this as I get older. Maybe some skills are more in-demand than others? And what about raises? But yeah, if that offer was rescinded after I tried to negotiate….

Do you only give people raises when they go abd apply for other jobs? I, like you, would rather deal with consequences of speaking up than of the consequences for not. As I got older, I have learned to say things more diplomatically or in a way that is better at getting results, but honestly, we need people of all ages to speak up.

If someone tries to present a case for why they should be making more money, would you fire them? It sometimes grates on my senses to have to show people specific benefit to them for behaving decently, but it does get results.

I got a knot in my gut while reading this. Connie-Lynne March 26, at 8: Jake March 26, at You are better off in the long run. I had previously interviewed with them for different position, they had a new opening and reached out. March 26, at 4: Who wants to work for a Bill Sykes?? Print the damn price on the sticker.

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Job searching on top of it was trying and exhausting at best and downright impossible at its worst. March 26, at Chriama March 26, at The Cosmic Avenger March 26, at I guarantee that there are points where it has hurt me in my career, or where a man who said the same thing in exactly the same way would not have gotten the back-room censure I received.

That being said, any unfairness and I have no issues speaking up haha. The idea that only the employer can decide how much you should be paid, and you should be a good little employee and keep your head down and wait for the kindly boss to notice your hard work and reward you fairly is just so, so damaging.

If I was unemployed it would have been a totally different ball game with that pay. So…I was cool with it.Computer 24 Advanced Chemistry with Vernier 24 - 1 Determining Ka by the Half-Titration of a Weak Acid A common analysis of a weak acid or a weak base is to conduct a titration with a base or acid of.

Mar 05,  · Determination of Ka of Weak Acids I. II. Date: March 5, Purpose: To measure the pKa value for ionization of two unknown weak acids by using solutions containing equal molar amounts of the weak acids and their conjugate bases which are prepared by “half-neutralization” of the acid.5/5(4).

Question: Determination of Ka for a Weak Acid Peter Jeschofnig, Ph.D. Version Lab Report As Determination of K a f or a Weak Acid P e t er Jeschofnig, Ph.D%(2).

Determination of Ka for a Weak Acid Part B: Data Analysis 1. Attach a graph of absorbance versus molarity for the standard acid solutions at (max)1. (Absorbance on the y-axis).

2. Attach a graph of absorbance versus molarity for the standard acid solutions at (max)2. 3. View Lab Report - Determination of Ka for a Weak Acid-Lab from CHEM at Arkansas State University.

Determination of Ka for a Weak Acid Hands-On 97%(34). Perform pH analysis utilizing pH indicator strips. Perform a titration of a weak acid against a strong base. Construct an accurate titration curve using experimental results. Determine K a for an unknown weak acid utilizing the data collected during the experiment%(38).

Determination of ka for a weak
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