Cute paper

Cute paper also have a little flap that helps them stay close. Glue along the red lines Use glue or double sided tape You can also use a tape runner Align corners Apply some glue or double sided tape using the pictures as a guide.

The cooking oil took that grease off with minimal elbow grease. Our water dispenser on the fridge is like a mega jet of water and we get water shooting all over the place.

Then glue on packing peanut for caterpillar and add two black eyes with Sharpie. Then I used a long arm stapler to staple the butterfly to another sheet of construction paper, only stapling down the middle for a 3D effect.

Cut a small slit at the base of the petal, where the black dotted line is drawn in the image above. Not to mention, the kids LOVE it. Begin gluing your outermost layer onto the circle base.

Make Your Own Cute Box Envelopes

Glue one flap over the other using a tiny bit of glue. As you make your layers, the inner petals will need to stand up straighter than the outer petals.

You need to cut the petals so that they are wider and shorter than the water lily petals. Using your fingers, slightly curl the fringe away from yourself. The vinegar soak wiped that stuff right off.

The students were each given a white butterfly as well. Should you keep your walls white? We opened the butterfly back up and they added tempra paint blobs to one side only. Your petal should form a cup Cute paper bowl shape, like the 3rd petal in the above image.

On a separate response sheet you can have them count and record how many of each type pattern block they used. With that said, they loved making these little sheep! Again, this is to make the petal stand up straighter than the petals in the outermost 1st layer.

Others can match colored butterflies to color words, dots on the butterfly to number words or numbers, capital letters to lowercase, pictures to beginning sounds, pictures to words, pictures to rhyming pictures, two small words to create compound words, synonyms, antonyms, etc.

Check out these easy and simple fabric organization ideas and storage solutions! The grease and muck should wipe right off. The link to the site is there. Then begin rolling the strip of paper up, so that the fringe is on top.This Paper Plate Rainbow is a perfect craft for preschoolers.

Paper plates are just the right shape for rainbow-making, add some clouds and you've got one fun craft! Make your own cute box envelopes with our free printable and tutorial.

Let's get crafty and have some fun with this easy DIY! Canon Inc. provides a wealth of free download materials on this site is full of interesting content, like Paper Craft and Scrapbook, so you're sure to find something you like.

Have fun printing out on your Canon Inkjet printer. Oh gosh, TOO cute! I wish I had thought of something like this when my nephews were this small.

Just love it!

Paper Plate Sheep Craft

Rebekah. Aren't they *snow cute*! I wrapped a full sized chocolate bar with white wrapping paper and then stamped the largest Peachy Keen *Snow Cutie* face, from the assortment set, with black Momento ink.

Ever since childhood, I’ve always enjoyed seeing the different Nativity sets displayed around the holidays. This year, I finally tried making my own Paper City style Nativity Scene to share with everyone.

I had a great time playing around with different designs, and I think it will be fun to color in, too!

Cute paper
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