Customer service analysis of easyjet and ryanair tourism essay

The expansion of its operations to other areas means adjusting to the trade policies and political problems of the locality. Particularly, the paper seeks to determine how financially prepared these two companies are to take advantage of the expected growth in tourism and air travel in the UK as well as other opportunities and deal with important threats in the short term.

Ryanair is in a better position, but this may also indicate that it is holding too many assets in liquidate-able forms, when these could be sunk into revenue-generating assets such as aircraft leases. They have to buy fuel and equipment as well as leasing their planes.

It would be advisable to come up with a strategy where they can keep up with their rivals and offer better incentives to their customers. Ryan Air is a budget airline which only flies passengers on routes between Ireland, UK and most of Europe. Boeing or Airbus A which reduces the maintenance and training costs.

In Europe, the market of low-fare carriers is represented by two major providers. Ryanair targets leisure passengers while easyjet targets business passengers to make up for their overheads as they are the ones who travel more often.

Ryanair is a budget airline and people use it for necessity and not for the reason that they are loyal to the brand.

This can have a long term bad effect on the morale of the company. RyanAir is unable to avoid some of these airports as they might be the only hub which can handle their type of aircraft.

They can easily rotate the staff they have to do the maintenance and personnel work.

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They can also charge a good price for that product if their customers are up for it. Some governments impose tough conditions on them to benefit their local carriers and economy.

EasyJet and Ryanair Financial Analysis

People now a days travel more either for their holidays or businesses. In the present-day consumer-oriented society, customer service has become a critical issue of concern in terms of organisational management and leadership Stearns, As a result several airlines that include Aloha, ATA, Frontier and Skybus closed their operations in but as the oil price drops airline profits soars.

The dynamic needs and demands of customers served to be a challenge to the management. Their policy of using regional airports and airports such as Stansted were a good strategy of lowering costs.

These two airline service providers cover most of the low-fare market, which explains their continuing competition and struggle for customers. They are already flying to a number of routes in Europe and will be able to fly to a large number of routes if more countries become part of the EU.

By the close ofthe company is projected to ferry upwards of million passengers annually. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.

Ryanair has a better footing in the industry due to its aggressive pricing and extensive routes it flies. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised International Relations and Politics work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.

Ryanairs working capital in is million, while EasyJets is 69 million, but this reduces to million and million, respectively. They have also proposed a charge where customers would have to pay a pound to use the toilet each time on a flight.

They make products or services for that particular segment which they know very well.However, in andEasyJet posted a % and % reduction in sales, while Ryanair posted a % and % fall over the same period, even when the global industry posted a more than 5% increase in revenues (CSIMarket, ).

The threat of new entrants and the competitive rivalry is very high. For example the major competitor for Ryanair is the EasyJet airline which offers low price airfare with good customer service. This is described as below. Market Segmentation Positioning Of Ryanair: Ryanair targets the people belonging to.

Easyjet has some of the most productive employees in the business but they also has an impressive record on customer service and employee satisfaction. The airline delivers on basic customer expectations about on time arrivals, baggage delivery, ticketing and check-in with great smile as well as profit.

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for only $ $13 ´╗┐The Low-cost Orange Flying Machine: The Case of easyJet ; Ryanair and easyJet Case Study ; Five Force Analysis of Southwest. Customer Service Analysis Of Easyjet And Ryanair Tourism Essay Customer Service Analysis Of Easyjet And Ryanair Tourism Essay. Published: 23rd March, Last Edited: 23rd March, Published: 23rd March, Last Edited: 23rd March, The Internal Analysis Of Ryanair Commerce Essay Ryanair was founded in July by the three brothers, Catlan, Declan, and Shane Ryan, with the financial assistant of their father Tony Ryan.

Customer service analysis of easyjet and ryanair tourism essay
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