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Where modified by me, this has also been indicated. Confidentiality of any personal information is assured Cranefield college of project and programme student who, without a valid excuse as contemplated in above, fails to submit a first examination assignment on time, or submits and fails the examination, will have the opportunity to do a supplementary examination.

If a student has any doubts or questions regarding ethics, he or she should discuss the matter with his or her supervisor. Where there are more than two examiners, the candidate will be required to submit further copies.

In the case of a student who starts the module through online participation, such payment must be made before receipt of study material.

The criteria for RPL for access to Cranefield s respective academic programmes are set out in the Admission sections of each program in Section 3 below.

This would be applicable only in the case of minor improvements see below regarding the possibility of resubmission following rejection of the dissertation If the dissertation is accepted, two hardbound copies with the student s name, the title, and the year of submission on the spine and cover of the dissertation must reach Cranefield s Administration on or before a specified date of which the student will be advisedbefore the final awarding of the degree An electronic version of the dissertation on CD-ROMmust accompany the hardbound copies referred to in above.

After the formal lecture session, the auditorium facilities will be at the disposal of students who wish to have syndicate group discussions. P O BoxThe Willows, Payment in respect of the module must be effected in full or, by special arrangement, in part within fourteen days from the date of such invoice, or before the first lecture date, whichever is earlier.

The following particular provisions highlight some noteworthy specific instances of misconduct. Where modified by me, this has also been indicated All dissertations and theses submitted for examination shall contain the following honest declaration: Such misconduct can inter alia be in the form plagiarism see section below or any other form of deception, or in the form of the violation of the rights of others including unauthorised use of confidential information and involving persons in research without their informed consent.

In the case of a first offence, a warning will be issued and the opportunity of doing a supplementary examination may be granted requiring payment of the prescribed R examination fee.

This 15 16 information will be placed on record. In the case of individual examination assignments, any student who fails to submit on time and provides a valid reason supported by evidence, as appropriate may, however, be granted an extension for submission.

In such a case, the student will be invited to undertake a repeat module A supplementary examination must, in all cases, be undertaken within 6 months after failing, or failing to submit, the previous examination, failing which the student will have the opportunity to repeat the module in question.

He or she will then receive the latest study material as applicable and will be liable for a repeat module fee. Cranefield s Blackboard LMS also enables students to attend classes interactively online from the office or home, and to study recordings of the live classes.

Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management

By enrolling with Cranefield, students agree to abide by these, and acknowledge the scope of Cranefield s disciplinary powers Students shall be bound by this code and the aforementioned rules and regulations for the duration of their learning programme.Cranefield Academy’s Project and Programme Management courses will put you on the path to success with effective, specialised management skills.

Cranefield College is a preeminent provider of private higher education, and has established itself internationally as a pioneer in the fields of project, programme, portfolio.

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Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management · June 21, · It is a well-established fact that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) are engines of economic growth since they create between 65% and 70% of new jobs in the economy annually.

About the PMO Awards Programme. PMO Awards Submission Process; PMO Awards Nomination Page Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management.

Cranefield College

Type of Provider: Physical Address: Administration: Cranefield House, Rossouw Street The Willows Pretoria Main Tuition Centre: Cranefield College 1 Second Street MBA Conference.

cranefield college of project and programme management group assignment for module 1 1.

GROUP DECLARATION: “I/We hereby declare that this assignment is entirely my/our own work, and that it has not previously been submitted to any other Higher Education Institution%(3). Cranefield Project and Programme Management College is an institution that looks after the project and programme management needs of students in our college.

Accreditation and Certification Cranefield is an ISOcertified institution and all its academic programmes are fully accredited by the Council on Higher Education.

Cranefield college of project and programme
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