Cobol variable length records write a letter

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Understanding PeopleSoft Application Server Domain Parameters

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You should use the default value. Data numbers were to be entered on punched cardsusing the card-reading technology of the Jacquard loom. Click to jump to top of pageClick to jump to parent topicProxy Port Enter the port number on which the proxy server is listening for transmissions.A COBOL programming example of how to create and access data files with variable length records.

This sample includes the source code to compile and execute on an IBM Mainframe System or a Linux, UNIX or Windows System with Micro Focus COBOL.

Read a file containig variable-length records and write rem * to a file containing fixed. Working with Variable Length File. Fixed length files are the ones that have fixed record lenth.

Creating a Variable Format File in a COBOL program

ie if file is specified with the record width of 80 then all the records will have same width. Ø To write a record to a variable length file we need to with the RECORD IS VARYING IN SIZE.

* In order to use variable length records we define the files * with the RECORD IS VARYING IN SIZE DEPENDING ON PHRASE * We change the name of the physical file by assigning the file. COBOL must know the maximum record length for variable-length files at compile time (although using RECORD VARYING with DEPENDING ON allows you to defer record length determination for output records until execution time, the maximum record length must still be known at compile time).

Configure your PeopleSoft Application Server Domain Parameters to get the most out of your PeopleSoft Application Server. Creating a Variable Format File. VARWRIT1. This program creates a variable format file. The records in the file are of different lengths. This will save space on the disk or tape file where they are stored.

Cobol variable length records write a letter
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