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The timeline also assists the hiring managers to continue being on top of the process as well as keep the applicants engaged in the hiring process. For instance, if the company wants to attract more young people, it should put adverts on websites and publications geared towards the young individuals.

European Management Journal, Successful employees are rewarded with above-market base salaries Chern case 4 generous bonuses. The growth in technology has resulted in an increase in efficiency of salespersons which has potentially resulted in a decline in the number of people needed Bureau of Labor statistics, Chern should ensure that it Chern case 4 all its applicants with respect and care.

Employees look for a company that has a constructive image. The applicant will then attach such an image to the company.

The recruiter should have knowledge both of the position and the company. Applicants should be updated on their progress all through the process and notified promptly in case they have not made it.

According to Jelley and McCarthya recruiter who fails to answer questions regarding the position or the company they are recruiting for will appear ineffectual to the applicant.

This can be achieved by bringing a diverse mix of employees at the fair to represent the company so that they can share their experiences and insights with potential job applicants.

By striving to create a fair and positive environment and giving each employee the tools and autonomy he or she needs to succeed, the company feels it has created an environment in which its sales associates can truly excel.

It is essential to ensure that the involved parties follow state and federal employment laws, the policies of the company regarding ethical conduct and salary compensation guidelines.

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Distributive fairness relates to the manner in which the applicant feels regarding the fairness of the promotion or hiring system. Also, estimate to the best of your ability how important each characteristic is relative to the others as well as the relative time associates spend on each job duty.

The Company should follow the recruitment steps to the latter. There are three forms of perception fairness that applicants can feel connected to the selection and recruitment process of the company.

Antecedents and relationships with applicant pool quality. Dineen and Williamson argue that Job fairs will also put a company on the radar of excellent cross-section of prospective employment candidates. There are various internet sources that are useful and reliable resources such as; Monster.

These activities include continues college, campus, and job fairs recruiting efforts, internal job postings, creation of the apprenticeship program and communicating with other HR departments from known closing or downsizing companies. Individuals involved in the process of recruiting should ensure that they sincerely communicate to the applicants and not promise them anything during the process.

Florida has been ranked among the top five states that have the highest number of the retail salespeople. Reducing spillover Spillover effect may result is the indirect consequence of an action.

In addition, employers can also post open employment positions for applicants in order for them to upload their resumes. Human Resource Management, doi: The company can accomplish these through the use of attractive and above the market employment offers which are designed to suit their needs and lifestyle better.

All parties involved should ensure that they set a relevant and realistic timeline for the position that they are recruiting.

This involves equal and fair treatment during the process. It will also have set forth what it considers as both legal and effective recruiting behaviors in addition to establishing an overall recruitment process of sales persons. The function of the human resource management entails ensuring that a company complies with state and federal laws, company strategy, ethical and compensation practices and handle diversity issues thus provides the managers with the required tools.

In addition, it should also emphasis on the employees benefit package including their children and spouses, any relocation services and reimbursement where necessary. The general increase in people in retail sales sector will result in a stronger competition in terms of talent which will be effective when considering staffing planning Bureau of Labor statistics, Human Resource Management, 51 3 It is important to keep all the candidates and applicants informed of the ongoing process.

Diversity at the place of work A diverse workforce is that which mirrors on the community it is based upon.Chern Case Chapter 2 Essay; Chern Case Chapter 2 Essay. Words: Pages: 4. Open Document. Chapter 2 Chern should continue to develop and promote their current employees into higher positions within their department based on their level of skills and experience gained over the course of their employment with Chern.

View Notes - Chern Chapter 2 Case Assignment #1 from HRM at Roosevelt University. Andrew Neufeld Chapter 2 Case Study Assignment 1 1.

Do we want a core or flexible workforce? Chern should develop%(19). Chern Case Study Essay; Chern Case Study Essay. Words: Pages: 4. Open Document. Job Requirements Matrix However, the important category which is full time sales associates, Chern will have a deficit of employees from its target goal of full time sales associates.

As such, Chern will have to spend additional resources to. Given the information contained in the Chern’s case description and your own knowledge of this type of position, create a job rewards matrix for the sales associate position.

If possible, interview a sales associate in a similar company to %(3). Read this essay on Chern Case Chapter 2. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

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When asked about the driving force behind it, Phil Clay, the production manager, explained that "while the product is of excellent quality and does come in some unique .

Chern case 4
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