Characteristics of current doctoral dissertations in education

In addition, the search was limited to doctoral dissertations and those written in the English language. Social problems and phenomena were studied the most frequently. During the coding process, twenty-five dissertations were found to be ineligible due to being outside of the field of social work.

The time frame, January —Decemberwas chosen for several reasons. Social workers co-author articles with authors from other professions and publish in journals outside social work.

The broad variety of research topics and participants chosen by doctoral candidates to study reflect traditional social work focal concerns. Four additional studies of dissertation research were conducted to examine the state of social work research within the context of specific countries outside the USA.

Adams and White found the proportion of dissertations utilising a survey research methodology was higher in social work dissertations than in the other disciplines.

Some see building a discipline-specific body of knowledge as a legitimate and worthwhile goal. Non-social workers contribute to social work knowledge by conducting research that involves social workers and publishing in social work journals.

Prior studies of social work doctoral dissertation research have provided important insights into specific methods and issues being studied within specific contexts to inform social work research and doctoral education.


Of the doctoral dissertation abstracts reviewed, Quantitative analysis was utilised more than twice as frequently as qualitative methods. Of those that used quantitative methods during the last three-year period they surveyed, none used an experimental design and the majority used primary material.

Purpose of the present study Examination of doctoral dissertations can provide an indication of the research training and interests, expertise and experiences of the newest generation of researchers and scholars in the field Lekwa and Ysseldyke, Shek, Lee and Tam examined dissertations from departments of social work in Taiwan.

Although not exhaustive, a ten-year period provides a reasonable sampling to gauge major features of social work dissertations. GADE is a non-profit voluntary professional organisation committed to the advancement of doctoral education in social work.

Because papers written from dissertations can take up to three years to be published, we wanted to allow enough time for publication.

Characteristics of Doctoral Programs

Brun found that doctoral candidates justified their use of qualitative methods because it provided a method to better understand the lived experiences of the participants and to fill a gap in the current state of knowledge about the studied phenomenon.

Evidence-based practice EBP has been the most recent shift in paradigms, bringing renewed interest, critical evaluation and debate to the research enterprise in social work. Adams and White conducted a comparative analysis assessing methods and quality of dissertation research across six disciplines, including social work.

Prior studies of dissertation research Prior surveys of social work dissertation research have been conducted for a number of different purposes.

The quality and composition of the knowledge base and research capacity in social work is imperative to the sustainment and advancement of the social work profession, to build our credibility as a profession and to maintain the support of others outside social work Fanshel, Coding instrument A coding instrument was developed by the authors to guide systematic examination of the dissertation abstracts.

An upward trend in the use of secondary data was observed across the ten-year time frame. Lastly, the name of each GADE member school was entered to limit the search to those schools.Dissertations from August Jamey Burns: “Coach’s Impact on Early Learning Teachers’ CLASS Scores” (Curriculum, Teaching, & Teacher Education; Dr.

Policies and Practices of the Doctoral Programs in English Language Teaching in Turkey addresses both global and local developments on doctoral level education in ELT to unravel the current academic and In addition, doctoral dissertations completed between the period and were analyzed to.

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University of Central Florida Electronic Theses and Dissertations Doctoral Dissertation (Open Access) Characteristics Of Academic Writing In Education. characteristics of current doctoral dissertations in education JOHN W.

WICK, CAROLYN DIRKES Educational Researcher 2: 7, The findings of this study provide interesting and important insights into the characteristics and trends of doctoral education and research and have significant implications for doctoral training and social work research.

Because doctoral dissertations are produced at the end Doctoral education in social work is meant ‘to prepare.

Characteristics of current doctoral dissertations in education
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