Blood brothers evaluation coursework

To conclude, the aspects I thought worked well were the positioning of the two households. Then there was a flash back with the narrator telling us the story from the beginning. With the use gesture and movement the audience could see that Mickey was depressed.

For example, when Mickey is playing outside his house, the music is very childlike and harmless. Mickey had flipped and was pointing the gun at Eddie.

Blood Brothers Evaluation Essay

Seeing as the songs are Blood brothers evaluation coursework to further the plot, this was quite annoying.

If I were directing the play I would have made Mrs Johnstone put up more of a struggle to stop the knife touching her. By the director choosing to contrast the socio-economic classes like that he was able to use levels.

He, in my opinion rehearsed well to create an accurate impression of this character that looked real. Also, the narrator never had any direct light, as if he was just part of the background, not involved with the rest of the characters.

The actor was still able to play a 7 year old by using effective gestures and vocal techniques. Johnstone sang about how her life quickly changed, there was a spotlight always aimed towards her, like the play was about her and her life.

From the production I learnt how hard it must be to practise for a big performance to make it as good as they made it for us. The way the stage was set out meant there were people all over the stage, not just in one place. It would be hard for the audience to imagine that the child they saw only minutes ago had transformed into an ill man.

He, in my opinion was well suited to this role, and brought Sammy to life. Lyons attempted to attack Mrs. Instead, the characters moved the props while the others were still in role. What also worked well was the tension in the final scene; the suspense that the actors created sent shivers down my spine.

On one side was the council estate and on the other were the middle class houses. The man playing Eddie stayed in role well and spoke clearly and confidently. This was very good acting, from a cast that knew their stuff! Only Mickey and Eddie spent most of their time spread across the whole stage.

The character was energetic and quick, also he got distracted easily. This was a part well played, as he even sounded like a posh person A first-class accent! He wanted the audience to realise how much of a difference your class made on your life and how wrong that was. Eddie was a young university graduate with a successful future ahead of him, whereas Mickey was basically an old man who had no future.

But when Mickey is older and his mind is not stable, the music quickly changes tempo and always sounds jumpy and sudden.

Blood Brothers – The Evaluation Essay

They sang clearly and in my opinion, sounded like the CD. The cast Main characters Mickey:Blood Brothers Evaluation. The Use of Sound/Music In the play, music was used to demonstrate the certain state of mind that character was in.

For example, when Mickey is playing outside his house, the music is very childlike and harmless. Evaluation Of The production Blood Brothers The production I went to see was Blood Brothers.

Blood Brothers Evaluation

The version I saw was performed at the Regent Theatre and written by Willy Russell it was a scripted piece and was written for young adults as some concepts would be unsuitable for children. Evaluation of Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell Essay examples Words | 8 Pages Evaluation of Blood Brothers On 3rd March I went to the Phoenix Theatre in West End to watch a production of one of Willy Russell's greatest plays, Blood Brothers.

Live Theatre Evaluation: Blood Brothers I went to see the production ‘Blood Brothers’ at Wycombe Swan Theatre on the 24th April The play that we went to see was called “Blood Brothers” - Blood Brothers Evaluation Essay introduction.

The date of the performance was 4th Februaryat the Phoenix Theatre.

GCSE: Blood Brothers

The play was about two families. One was a working class family and the other was a middle class family. The mother of the working. Gary Thompson Wednesday 2nd April Blood Brothers Evaluation On 27th March, I saw a performance of Blood Brothers at the Phoenix Theatre in London.

After already reading the book, I didn't think I would enjoy the play very much. I found the story boring and didn't have much interest in it until nearer the end.

Blood brothers evaluation coursework
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