Anybodys son will do

Of course, the film takes it as a given that killing is unnatural, although evidence from the animal kingdom does not necessarily bear this out.

Servility is not inherent in us. The idea is posited that military training is aimed controlling young men and making them do things that are inherently unnatural, such as conquering phobias, acting in unison and, ultimately, killing.

What is particularly eye-opening to the non-military viewer, is how the regimented life is designed to control the recruit, and not primarily to have them performing at their peak.

There is marching band in every army to create the unity among the recruits. Unfortunately, he died before he became a soldier. The army fascinates them and there is a promise to be a hero and the real men.

Therefore, the soldiers fight for each other. Gwynne Dyer wrote that probably because of men and their military culture and their desire to kill or the society creates this culture for political gain.

I also know little bit about the army because my uncle wanted to join the army after his high school. Therefore, the men will support the war in the name of the country and the political purpose of their countries. All of this training is the social manipulation because the soldiers are not fight for the country but fight for other soldiers.

The writer put a lot of quotes and examples from the recruits and trainers who experience the army training. From this article, I know that army is about social manipulation and money politic to create the wars.

Only in a few times, the trainer brainwashes the civilian people to be killers.

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Basic training is the starting point to alter the beliefs and loyalty of recruits. The film-maker is ex-navy and so has ome personal experience of the procedures.

The men change to be a soldiers and killer because several reasons including the tradition where the societies worship the soldiers. We are all predisposed to find our our way through life, relishing the challenge. Military becomes the business to sell more weapons from specific country.

In doing so it becomes a film not just about the military, but in turn about the wider uses of psychological conditioning and influence, and our susceptibility to act outside of our own will. The societies think that soldiers are the figure of the real men.

In the conclusion, the writer jumped to the certain topic about Eastern boy. This article is very well done to convince me as the reader. The first thing in the basic training, the recruits will be isolated from their world. I tend to agree with the reason that society creates this culture for political gain because army, war, and military are including to the politic of the country.

They were loser and unemployed. The recruits are very much busy with physical exercise, brain washing by the trainers and the romantic ideas of soldiers. Army recruits usually come from the poor family.

They switch on the basic psychology of men as a killer. One might view the movie as an anti-war declaration, but it can also be understood from a wider historical perspective. Recruits are stripped of distinguishing haircuts, clothes, jewellery and more. They like to hunting and killing.But they do not make their own way to the base; rather, they trickle in to Charleston airport on various flights throughout the day on which their training platoon.

Anybody's son will do. See more» Connections Edited from War () See more» Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ is empty. Add the first question. User Reviews. very shocking. 29 June | by cyuanjl – See all my reviews. I watched this film in a social /10(45). Anybody's Son Will Do By Gwynne Dyer Characteristics of the military Dyer explains how the military is set up much like a prison The soldiers are isolated from society.

Episode two, entitled Anybody’s Son Will Do, focuses on what Gwynne Dwyer referred to as the lack of a natural instinct in most young men to kill or die for someone else’s ideas. The film opens with the film-maker’s thought on the re-programming and dehumanising regimes involved in the training of.

The essay “Anybody’s Son Will Do” by Gwynne Dyer shows how the men from civilian society change to become a killer in the name of soldiers and the hero of their countries.

Only in a few times, the trainer brainwashes the civilian people to be killers. Anybody’s Son will do INTRODUCTION: This reading is about how the U.S. Marine’s socialize their recruits. How the socialization techniques of the Marine’s are compared to the socialization techniques that have brought me to my current place in life.

Anybodys son will do
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